​​Serving Wake, Durham, Johnston and Cumberland Counties



NC HOPE offers the 40 hour CPSS Certification Training 


​What is Peer Support? Peer Support happens when people provide knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help to each other. Peer Support benefits individuals, especially those in recovery, who are determined to have a more satisfying and healthier lifestyle.

What do Peer Support Specialists do? A Peer Support Specialist acts as a role model of recovery and/or self-determination. In behavioral health, Peer Support Specialists serve in many roles: as role models; as a voice of the needs of people; as an important source of information; and, as a powerful source of motivation. A Peer Support Specialist is not a licensed psychologist or mental health professional, but a resource with real world experience and knowledge.

V.O.I.C.E. Peer Support Specialists have completed specialized training to become certified by the state of North Carolina. Our peer support specialists are proficient in outreach, engagement, case management and strategies to establish our clients with a supportive social and physical environment. We assist people in gaining the skills and resources needed to initiate and maintain recovery.

Our Peer Services Include: 
* Identifying services that promote recovery and self-determination;
* supporting persons and families in making their own choices; 
* encouraging persons in developing coping skills;
* mentoring persons to build and maintain community living skills; 
* mentoring persons to access community resources; 
* mentoring persons to find and retain employment
* supporting persons as they find meaningful activities
* promoting a sense of purpose and structure
* Supporting inclusion in the community; and, 
​* helping persons to identify strengths and to build hope. 


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